Parent Packet

Parent Packet
Policies and Procedures for 3rd Grade

Mrs. Miller’s Class

1.  Communication:
        * Classroom Newsletter
        * Notes home
        * Phone calls -  Please feel free to call school (671-4120) or e-mail me ( with any questions or concerns.
        * D or F papers MUST be signed and returned.  They will be marked as
           “Please sign and return”.
        * “Parent note” section in the student assignment notebook
        * Classroom website

2.   Schedule of Special Classes:
   * Music - Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday (9:00-9:40)
   * P.E. - Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday (9:00-9:40)
   * Art - Tuesdays (2:50-3:30) and Wednesdays (1:30-2:10)
   * Computer Lab - Wednesday or Friday (9:40-10:20)
   * Library - Wednesday or Friday (9:40-10:20)
   * Lunch (11:50-12:20)
* A copy of our daily schedule is attached to this packet.

3.   Grading Policy:
         * Percentages
            100-94  A                             93-90  A-
             89-87  B+      86-84  B        83-80  B-
             79-77  C+      76-74  C        73-70  C-
             69-67  D+      66-64  D        63-60  D-
             59 and below  F
         * +  (95%),     (80%),  - (60%)  (plus, check, or minus) 
         * Scoring guides for special projects or activities

4.   Assignment Notebook:  (This will begin coming home within the next week or two.  Watch for it in your child’s backpack.)

         * This is a notebook that will be filled out by your child at the end of each day.  It will help your child become organized as we review the day's assignments together and he/she marks each one as "completed" or "homework".
         * Expect it each evening and go over it with your child.  It MUST be signed by a parent EACH DAY and returned to school the next morning.  I will check these every morning for parent signatures to ensure your child is communicating with you about school subjects, happenings, responsibilities, assignments, upcoming tests, etc.         
         * Please feel free to communicate with me in the “Parent Message” section in the notebook if the need should arise.
         * A sample assignment notebook sheet is included in this packet.

5.   Book Reports:
    * 11 fiction/5 non-fiction are required in 3rd grade to earn the Missouri Reading Circle Certificate.  Two book reports per month are required as part of each student’s reading grade.
   * Sources for independent reading books are St. Joseph Public Libraries, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library, and Ellison School Library.
    * Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home periodically.  This is a great way to obtain books for your child at a reasonable price.

6.   Homework Policy:
    * All homework is expected to be completed and turned in by the next morning.  If not, your child will receive a yellow “OOOOOPPS!” form attached to a copy of the late assignment.  This form MUST be signed by a parent and returned. (still attached to the assignment)
         * A sample of the “OOOOOPPS!” form is included in this packet.
* 1st quarter – No points will be deducted from late work, however, it will be marked as late.
    2nd quarter – Assignment score will be dropped one letter grade.
    3rd quarter – Assignment score will be dropped one letter grade.
        4th quarter – Assignment score will be dropped one letter grade.
*  If there is a chronic issue with late work or no work turned in, I will notify parents by phone to discuss the matter.

7.   Make-Up Work Policy:
* For each day of a student’s absence he/she will be given two days to make-up the work.  Students are required to make up work they miss when absent.
* An “Assignment Sheet” will be filled out with the assignments your child missed.  They will be stapled to the form.  These need to be completed within the two day period and returned to school.        
* A sample of the “Assignment Sheet” is included this packet.

8.  Nightly Homework:
          * Practice basic math facts (+, -), then (x, --) as they are introduced.
          * Read for a minimum of 20 minutes.
          * Practice cursive handwriting.        
* Complete any assignments not finished during the school day.  (Any assigned homework will be marked in the assignment notebook daily.)

9.    MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) State Testing:
     * Third graders are tested in the areas of communication arts and math, emphasizing reading, writing, and math skills studied throughout the year.
* The test is given during the month of April.
* The test consists of constructed response questions, selected response questions and performance events

10.      Subject Areas:

* Math       -    D.A.R.E.S. (Daily Assorted Exercise Review Set)
-       Hands-on activities/manipulatives
-       Investigations
-       Text lessons
-       Benchmark tests

             * Reading          Reader’s Workshop
-       Read Aloud
-       Mini Lesson (comprehension strategies, reading skills, etc.)
-       Independent Reading (individual reading levels)
-       Guided Reading
-       Skill Groups
-       Conferences
-       Sharing

              * Writing           Writer’s Workshop             
-       Mini Lesson (writing skills, process, genres, etc.)
-       Status Check
-  Independent writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing)
-       Conferences
-       Author’s share

              * Spelling    - Our district’s curriculum is a research-based program that focuses on frequently used words by students, rather than rote memorization of a random list.  A letter was sent home regarding the spelling curriculum.  It also included a list of the third grade core words.  These words will be taught to your child throughout the third grade year. 

               * Science    -    Hands-on activities/explorations
                                   -    Note booking
   -    Science Inquiry Process
   -    Units:         --Plants and Animals
                      --Matter and Energy
                      --Earth Systems (Water Cycle)
                      --Solar System
               * Social Studies      - Units:     
                                               --Communities (including St. Joseph

11.      Expectations:
* Organization is a MUST!! (assignment notebook, subject notebooks, subject folders, etc.)
 * Having all supplies necessary and organized neatly
 * Listening and following directions
                * Appropriate behavior                                                        
                * Assignments completed and turned in on time
 * Respect for self, peers, teachers, staff and other adults

     Communication is a vital part of a successful year.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the school year, please notify me through email or by phone so we can discuss the matter.  Let’s make this a great year for your child by working together!